1. Library Facility

The school has spacious and well-equipped laboratories for all the branches of Science – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In addition to providing the basic instruments for conducting practicals based on the academic curriculum, these labs also provide students with the required materials to do project work and prepare working models of experiments or objects of their interest.
2. Scientifically advanced laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Mathematics
The school also possesses a well equipped and up-to-date computer lab with the latest hardware, providing computing facility and software requirements as per the CBSE scheme of examination.
3. Playground

The campus has three playgrounds – football court, basketball court, 800 mt. track etc.

5.Smart Class
Smart Class programme transforms our present day classrooms into technology enabled classrooms. It has revolutionized the way a teacher teaches in the classroom making the learning process both cognitive and constructive. It is an innovative technology that helps the students to benefit from animations and audio visual inputs based on the topics learnt. The digitalized classes offer a practical approach which focuses on the child’s interest and helps them to be cognizant of the wide diversity of learning styles. This technology offers suitable aid for students from KG to Plus Two. We hope to provide our children the best solution to develop both in the cognitive and intellectual level.